Terms and conditions

Cancellation and transfer policy

This policy applies to workshops and courses purchased via our website or in person. This also applies to bookings made by redeeming gift vouchers. Please note that nothing in our Cancellation Policy affects your statutory rights.

1. Your consumer right of cancellation

Little Kitchen gift vouchers

1.1. When you place an order with us, our service to you begins immediately when we send you a Confirmation Email because we will start taking steps to fulfil your order straight after doing so, even though it may take a short while before the order is fulfilled. By accepting these Terms when placing your order, you consent to us commencing these services within the fourteen (14) day legal cancellation period and you acknowledge that, except for the limited circumstances set out under paragraph 1.2 of this Cancellation Policy, you will not be able to cancel any order you place with us for these types of Products once you have received a Confirmation Email.

1.2. Gift vouchers are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. They must be redeemed before the redemption date but can be on workshops in the calendar after this date. The calendar is usually planned 4-5 months in advance.

1.3 E-vouchers can not be purchased using discount or promotional codes.

Events and cookery courses

1.3. We hold all our cookery courses and workshops on specific dates. Consequently, the consumer right of cancellation does not apply to orders for these types of products. You are therefore not entitled to cancel any of our events or cookery courses or to obtain a refund in respect of them, if you no longer are able, or wish, to attend them.

1.4. However, in certain circumstances we permit you to transfer your booking to friends and family members or to transfer your booking to another course or event, as provided under paragraph 3 of this Cancellation Policy below.

2. Travel insurance

2.1. We strongly advise that you obtain appropriate travel insurance prior to placing an order for any cookery course or workshop to cover you in the event that you unable attend for any unforeseen reasons, for example due to bad weather, transport delays or cancellations, illness (including COVID-19), self isolation reasons or bereavement.

2.2. Some banks and payment cards providers automatically provide you with travel insurance cover. Please check with your relevant insurance services provider(s) before placing an order with us.

3. Transferring your booking to another person or to another event or cookery course

Transferring your booking to a friend or family member

3.1. You may choose to send a friend or family member to attend the workshop or course in place of the original attendee, provided that their dietary requirements suit the workshop or course that you originally booked. You do not need to notify us of the name of the attendee, they will need to advise of this name though when attending as it will be this name in the register. Substitute attendees will be subject to any age restrictions that apply so please check these on the applicable product description page on the website. If the substitute attendee has different dietary requirements, we must be notified before midday the day before the workshop is scheduled or before midday on Thursday for weekend workshops. Please note we are not always able to adapt menus for special diets especially with short notice,

Transferring your booking to another person or to another event or cookery course

3.2. Subject to clause 3.5, below, you may transfer one or more places in your booking to another event or cookery course, in accordance with paragraph 3.3. below.

3.3. If you provide us with:

  • more than twelve (12) weeks’ notice before the date of the event or course, you may choose to transfer to another event or course up to the same value at no extra charge. A transfer onto another workshop can only be made once.
  • more than three (3) weeks’ notice but less than twelve (12) weeks’ notice, you may choose to transfer to another event up to the same value. Transfers can be made to an event dated sooner than the original date booked, with no transfer fee. If you are unable to find any suitable workshops or courses to transfer your booking to within this time frame, a transfer can be made to a workshop after the original booking date, however we will charge a fee of £10 for bookings totalling £90 or under and £25 for bookings totalling £91 or over, to cover reasonable administration costs for doing so. A transfer onto another workshop can only be made once.

3.4. If you provide less than three (3) week’s notice before the date of the workshop or course, you will not be entitled to transfer your workshop or course to another workshop or course. You may still however be entitled to substitute another person to attend in your place. For details on how you may be able to do this, please read clause 3.1 above. This includes any unforeseen reasons, for example bad weather, transport delays or cancellations, illness (personal or family and including COVID-19), self isolation reasons or bereavement.

3.5. All transfers are subject to availability. If we grant a transfer request then you must re-book the relevant place(s) within 48 hours of the date on which we grant the transfer for an alternative workshop or course. The alternative workshop or course must not be scheduled more than four (4) months from the date your transfer was granted. Any workshops which have not been re-booked within this period will no longer be transferable. If there is a difference in price between the workshops, this will be payable at time of confirming the transfer.

3.6. You must provide your notice under this paragraph 3, either by email to hello@little-kitchen.co.uk. You will need to let us know your order number, contact details, the names of the attendees whose places you would like to transfer and details of the workshop or course to which you would like to transfer the place(s). Notice received outside our working hours as detailed in clause 3.1, will be treated as received on the next working day.

3.7 We hold a transfer amnesty during the first week of January, whereby workshops or courses purchased as gifts in December are not subject to the transfer fee. You must advise by email of your request to transfer between the 25th December and 7th January in order to quality for this.

4. Third party webstores

4.1. Your contract for the purchase of products and services from third party webstores will be made directly with the relevant third party operator of the applicable webstore. The returns and cancellation policies and other terms and of that webstore (and not ours) will apply to the orders that you place for those products and services.

5. Third party vouchers

5.1. You can book onto one of our events or cookery courses using vouchers purchased through third party channels. If you do so, then please note that their Terms and Conditions apply to the purchase of your voucher and any rights you may have in respect of cancellation of your voucher. Once you have used your voucher to book onto one of our cookery workshops or courses, then our Terms and Conditions and this Cancellation Policy will apply.

6. Loyalty cards terms

COVID-19 UPDATE on Loyalty cards. With the very significant financial impact that the closure has had on prolonged closure of Little Kitchen and the social distancing that will need to take place when we finally reopen, we are no longer issuing or stamping loyalty cards. As of 12th May 2020 we withdrew all loyalty cards.

7. Contact us

7.1. If you have any queries regarding this Cancellation Policy, please contact us at hello@little-kitchen.co.uk or by using the contact details on our Contact Us page.

In addition:

  1. There are up to 14 places available on each workshop/ course. We reserve the right to cancel any workshops/ course with insufficient interest, providing at least 14 days notice. In these circumstances a full refund or transfer will be offered.
  2. For safety reasons babies and children (17 years and under) are not permitted in our adult workshops under any circumstances, unless advised on the webpage.
  3. Workshops are designed to last the length of the advertised timings. We recognise that our customers work at different paces and that this may result in the session finishing slightly earlier or finishing slightly later than advertised. In addition if we have a particularly small group, that this may result in the class finishing a little earlier than advertised.
  4. Workshops purchased as part of a special offer, discount or promotion are non-transferable and non-refundable and cannot be further discounted with a promotional code.
  5. Discount codes are not valid on e-vouchers.
  6. We sometimes offer limited workshops at a special/ discounted price, where there are spaces remaining up to three weeks before. We are unable to refund any difference in price paid where a purchased workshop later becomes available at a lesser value.
  7. Please note that a separate policy applies to Group Bookings. Please enquire when booking.