Baking and Sweets

Gluten-free Baking

Recreate the delightful baked treats, minus the gluten!

Celebration Cake Masterclass

Learn how to make a tiered celebration cake, perfect for weddings, birthdays and special occasions.

The Baking Masterclass

Learn the skills and techniques to get the best from your baking, whilst you create a delicious selection of treats all on our day-long workshop!

Mini-bread masterclass

Join us for the little sister of the Bread Masterclass!

Seasonal Drip Cake Masterclass

Learn the skills and techniques to create the most popular cake style of the year!

Christmas sweets

Give the most special gifts this year- the ones made by hand, with love!

Easter Egg Masterclass

Create a perfect moulded Easter egg with that snap!

The Chocolate Course

Learn the skills and techniques of working with chocolate from the pro- Louise Claridge!

Pâtisserie Masterclass

Get perfect pastry everytime, with our half day workshop!

Magical Macarons

Join us for a 2 1/2 hour workshop to make these delightful French treats!

The Great British Cake-Off

Bake without the pressure and take all of your creations home with you!

Decadent Desserts

Make two show-stopping desserts, sure to wow your family and friends!

Moulded Chocolate Truffle Masterclass

Master moulded chocolate truffles in this masterclass!

Mini Celebration Cake Masterclass

Create and design a contemporary celebration cake.

Bread Masterclass

Learn about the science behind the craft of bread making in our hands-on, half day workshop!

Dine-in Workshops

Mexican Street Food

Cook up vibrant, fresh and delicious Mexican street food dishes, packed with flavour, sure to become favourites in your household!

The Cookery Social

The Cookery Social for all single people who fancy getting social through cookery!

A Taste of Bilbao

Bringing a taste of Bilbao to Bristol!

The Breakfast Club

Make the most amazing light and fluffy American-style pancakes for the most important meal of the day!

Vietnamese Street food

Enjoy cooking and eating some delicious and fresh Vietnamese street foods

Curry Club Lunch

Join us for lunch and cook up a Chicken Jalfrezi with a side of chapatis!

Classic Cuisine

Develop your cookery skills and expand your recipe repertoire, all whilst making some delicious classic dishes!

Taste the Heat

Great as a gift for anyone who’s into spicy food!

Thai Street Food Evening

Spend an evening making (and then eating) the tastiest Thai Street food!

Little Italy @ Little Kitchen

Spend an evening making an Italian-inspired menu!

DIY Pizza & Dine

Make your very own delicious pizza from scratch!

Curry Club

Create your own delicious curries and sides!

Indian Street Food

Make up a selection of delicious spicy Indian street food snacks!

A Taste of Marrakech

Learn about the different spices and ingredients which make Moroccan food so tasty!

Cookery Specials

Introduction to sushi

Learn to make three varieties of sushi from scratch in this two hour workshop!

Thai Cookery Day

Learn how to make authentic tasting Thai food on our full day course! Using easy to find ingredients, with adaptable recipes and tips, these will be recipes you’ll be returning to time and time again.

Meat-Free Cookery

Cook some delicious dishes - ideal for those following a Vegetarian or Vegan diet or anyone trying to cut down on meat and dairy.

Scotch Egg Masterclass

Learn the tips and tricks to making the British classic - The Scotch egg!

Mastering Pasta

Learn how to make 3 varieties of fresh egg pasta, to take away and enjoy with a delicious pesto!

Curries of the World

Make pastes, blend spices and balance flavours to create a range of great curries from regions around the world.

16-25 Cookery

Make quick and easy, tasty dishes, which will wow your mates and ensure your brain is well fed!

Chicken 4 Ways

Learn how to joint a chicken and use the pieces to cook four delicious dishes.