The Kitchen Brewer

Making beer from raw ingredients – Malt, Hops Water, Yeast – may seem like something quite complicated and requiring a lot of work and knowledge but Steve, with his many years of home brewing experience, will take you through the process of making damned good beer in the comfort of your own kitchen!

The menu: Seasonal ale. There will also be an opportunity for beer tasting where same process has been used in the workshop to get an idea of the variety and quality that can be achieved at home.

Workshop Length: 4 hours

Level/ Suitable for: Beginners/ Anyone who is interested in brewing at home.

Skills/ techniques/ content covered: Ingredients for Beer – basic science behind brewing beer – brewing process from grain to glass at home with simple equipment- fermentation & packaging Options (Bottles, Kegs, Barrels)

Age suitability: 18 upwards. (Please note if you look 25 or under you will be asked for ID, so please ensure that you bring this along if you wish to participate in the tasting).

Tutor: Steve

Suitable for:  Vegetarians & Vegans. For any other special dietary requirements, please contact us before booking.

Workshop Frequency: TBC.

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What to bring: Tote bag (or similar). Packaging and raw materials will be provided.

Please note: The beer will need to ferment for a couple of weeks before you can take it home. You will be able to collect once fermentation is complete. Places are sold individually, however you will work in pairs to brew your beer.