My Little Kitchen - Recipe Boxes

‘My Little Kitchen’ Recipe kits with everything you need to make a delicious meal for two from scratch*!

We have launched our recipe kits from our brand spanking new premises in Totterdown! Each week will feature 2-4 menus which can be preordered in advance up to midday the day before and collected from the premises on the Friday between 3-6pm. Each box will include the ingredients and a recipe card with individual steps to make each dish.

*My Little Kitchen Recipe Kits will be pausing for August and resuming again on Friday 11th September*

Why choose a ‘My Little Kitchen’ recipe kit?
  • Delicious tried and tested recipes, some of which have featured on our cookery workshops
  • All main meal recipe kits contain ingredients for a starter and a main or a main and sides, serving 2 people
  • Add on desserts; Lemon Posset or Salted Caramel and Chocolate Cheesecake. Just £3 for two portions. Just add in additional information @ time of placing your order which you would like and pay on collection.
  • An equipment list Is provided so you can get yourself organised before cooking
  • Pre-weighed/ measured ingredients so you can get struck in with the fun bit (sorry we can’t help with the washing up!)
  • Reduce household food wastage with pre-weighed and measured specialist and fresh ingredients which sometimes go to waste when buying in larger quantities from the supermarket
  • Get some of your ‘5 a day’, all meals contain between 1-3 portions
  • Ingredients, predominantly from Bristol and local businesses;
    • Meat/ poultry from Ruby and White, including free-range chicken, outdoor bred pork, locally sourced lamb from Devon and Wiltshire
    • Fruit and vegetables from The Banana Boat (across the road)
    • Flour from Shipton Mill/ Matthews
    • Dairy produce and eggs from Chew Valley Dairy
  • Attention to packaging, minimised and recyclable as much as possible. Any plastic pots provided are reusable and recyclable
  • Support a small independent business
  • Recipe boxes made up on the day, with ingredients fresh for 48 hours from collection giving you the freedom to choose whether you cook on Friday or Saturday night (or go for the two menus and cook on both!)
  • Menu choices to include at least 1 pescatarian/ vegetarian (PES or V) option each week (Please advise at time of booking if you would like the vegetarian option or vegan option for Menu 3)
  • Some menus can be adapted or are suitable for special dietary needs, just drop us an email to check before booking.
The New Set Menus:
Menu 1- Chicken escalope – Dauphinoise potatoes – Buttered seasonal vegetables
Menu 2- Chicken Pad Thai – Thai Pork Patties (Tod man moo)
Menu 3- Vegetable Pad Thai- Thai corn fritters (PES)
Menu 4- Coconut chicken curry – Bombay potatoes – Pilau rice
Menu 5- Mixed mushroom Biryani-  Dal- Chapatti
Menu 6- Jerk Chicken – Rice ‘n peas – Chilli and coriander ‘cob 
Menu 7- Chicken penang/ Vegetable penang (PES)- Thai-style salad – Sticky rice
Menu 8- Mexican pork and chorizo tacos – Guacamole – Sour cream
Menu 9- Chicken breast stuffed with feta and chorizo- Pea and parmesan risotto
Menu 10- Lamb Kofta – Pilau rice – Raita
Menu 11- Sing Mai (Singapore noodles) – Wor tip (Chinese pork dumplings) – dipping sauce
Brunch Sweet- Fluffy vanilla ricotta pancakes – Greek Yogurt – Banana- Nuts (V)
Brunch savoury- Sweetcorn fritters, avocado, poached egg, chorizo or halloumi (V- please advise at time of booking )
*Please note Oil is not included and additional salt and pepper maybe required for certain recipes. This is advised of on the recipe card.

Menu 11- Sing Mai- 11/09


26 available
Menu 11- Sing Mai£15.00M11- Sing Mai, 11th Sept 3-6pm

Menu 2- Chicken Pad Thai- 11/09


23 available
Menu 2- Chicken Pad Thai- 11th Sept£15.00M2- CPD- 11th Sept

Menu 3- Veg Pad Thai- 11/09


19 available
Menu 2- Veg Pad Thai- 11th Sept£15.00Menu 2- Veg Pad Thai- 11th Sept

Menu 1- Chicken Escalope- 18/09


29 available
Menu 1- Chicken Escalope- 18/09£15.00Menu 1- Chicken Escalope- 18/09

Menu 4- Chicken Curry- 18/09


29 available
Menu 4- Chicken Curry- 18/09£15.00Menu 4- Chicken Curry- 18/09

Menu 5- Biryani- 18/09


30 available
Menu 5- Biryani- 18/09£15.00Menu 5- Biryani- 18/09

Menu 6- Jerk chicken- 25/09


29 available
Menu 6- Jerk chicken- 25/09£15.00Menu 6- Jerk chicken- 25/09

Menu 2- Chicken Pad Thai- 25/09


30 available
Menu 2- Chicken Pad Thai- 25/09£15.00Menu 2- Chicken Pad Thai- 25/09

Menu 3- Veg Pad Thai- 25/09


30 available
Menu 3- Veg Pad Thai- 25/09£15.00Menu 3- Veg Pad Thai- 25/09

Menu 7- Penang- 02/10


28 available
Menu 7- Penang- 02/10£15.00Menu 7- Penang- 02/10

Menu 4- Chicken curry- 02/10


29 available
Menu 4- Chicken curry- 02/10£15.00Menu 4- Chicken curry- 02/10

Menu 5- Biryani- 02/10


34 available
Menu 5- Biryani- 02/10£15.00Menu 5- Biryani- 02/10