Introduction to Fermentation

Join us for our Introduction to fermentation course, where you will learn all about 3 different methods of fermentation.

The menu: Rye sourdough, Kombucha & Spiced Kimchi.

Workshop Length: 3 hours.

Level/ Suitable for: Perfect for beginners who are new to fermentation and are looking to start making their own ferments.

Skills/ techniques/ content covered: Basic science of fermentation and the health benefits. You will be supplied with necessary starter cultures to make your own delicious ferments in class, learning skills to make these over and over at home.

Age suitability: 16 years upwards (or 14/a 15 years if accompanied by a full paying adult over the age of 18 years).

Tutor: Lucy Davies, registered naturopathic nutritionist

Suitable for: Vegetarian, Vegan and Dairy-free diet. For any other special dietary requirements, please contact us before booking.

Workshop Frequency: TBC

What to bring: 2 litre kilner jar for the kombucha, a 1 litre kilner jar for the kimchi, and a large non-metal bowl to be able to take the bread home in to continue its fermentation. Please note that following the workshop it is useful to have the following at home to be able to continue with your ferments: a 2 litre jar, 2-3 pieces of muslin/ thin cloth and elastic to cover the jars.