Edible Gifts

There is something extra special about homemade gifts, with the time, love and energy which go into making them, means the gift will be always be unique and gratefully received!

The menu:  Amaretti biscuits- Honeycomb- Infused oil

Level/ Suitable for: Beginners to intermediate. Those with an interest in baking/ sweets.

Skills/ techniques/ content covered: Stages of caramelising sugar, flavouring oils, and durability tips. Recipe inspiration and adaptation. Stages of whisked egg whites

Age suitability: 16 years upwards.

Suitable for: Vegetarians. For any other special dietary requirements, please contact us before booking.

Tutor: Louise.

Workshop Length: 2 hours.

Workshop Frequency: Once or twice a year.

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What to bring: Feel free to bring along your own tin or Tupperware to package your goodies. Packaging will also be available.

Please note: All activities are carried out in pairs. Tickets are sold individually. Induction hobs will be used during this workshop.