Pizza, pasta and gelato!

We were lucky enough to be able to take a quick break off to Naples for the last couple of days, with the intention of sampling the perfect pizza, enjoying the fresh seafood and eating cooling gelato!

Our first bit of local food knowledge came from our Taxi driver, who insisted Naples had the very best coffee and pizza due to the water quality…we were excited to see what was in store for us!

Naples is a beautiful vibrant city that we both loved walking around and sampling the local delights. We embarked on a Street food walking tour, where we learnt about the history of the city, tasted the freshest buffalo mozzarella, tried our first ever deep fried pizza and ate sfogliatella, a shell shaped layered pastry filled with ricotta and orange blossom. But our favourite new discovery had to be  the Frittatine a deep fried ball of macaroni cheese, filled with ragu and peas, a little unhealthy but very delicious. Our tour guide was so informative and enthusiastic, we also got to try a super smooth espresso and learn all about how Lemoncello is made (they peel the lemons by hand!!) and of course sampling some!

What it also made us realise is how lucky we are to have such excellent Italian food on our doorsteps here in Bristol, with Pasta Loco serving amazing freshly made pasta, and delicious authentic pizzas from places like Bosco and Pizzarova. And did you know you can actually do a food tour in Bristol?!

We hope to have picked up new tips and information for our lovely customers back in Bristol, and also would recommend Naples to anyone looking for a different city break. So, look out for new inspiration, tips and anecdotes in our Italian workshops. Learn how to make pizza from scratch at home in our DIY Pizza & dine, make butternut squash filled ravioli and authentic tiramisu in Little Italy and discover how easy it is to make fresh pasta in a variety of shapes in our Master Pasta or Introduction to Pasta classes.

We are 3!

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