Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Vegan or Dairy-free?

We love that it’s become so much easier for different eating lifestyles today, with plenty of delicious choices available in restaurants and supermarkets. We are also doing all we can to open ourselves up to everyone, by testing more and more gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian recipe options for all of our courses. If you have a diet that can sometimes restrict you, check out our classes, as so many can now be adapted for you!

Maybe you love the idea of Bread Making or Magical Macarons, but a dairy-free diet has restricted you? These are both now available for you! Many of our Dine-In workshops can now be adapted for vegetarians and vegans, why not come and enjoy cooking something different with a friend and a bottle of wine!? Or if a gluten intolerance has held you back from baking, check out our Decadent Desserts and Magical Macarons, already both naturally Gluten-free, as well as a Gluten-free Pizza option coming soon. We hope this means we can welcome more of you through our doors, and do let us know any other requirements as we may be able to assist!

These chocolate bowls are not only a delicious show stopper, but also gluten-free!

In other news, we are currently recruiting, looking for someone to assist on Saturdays at Little Kitchen. So if you love being around food and people, are organised and hard working, looking for a bit more cash, then get in touch!


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