Get the kids helping this Christmas!


We love cooking with children, from teaching in schools to our holiday clubs at Little Kitchen, it’s great encouraging kids to try new things and to see their confidence grow. Cooking is the perfect way to help with fussy eaters, and to get children understanding where their food comes from.

Take a look at our tips below, for cooking with kids this Christmas:

1. Sweet treats. Children love anything with a sugar-hit, so this is a great starting point, encouraging them to want to help out in the kitchen. Why not make your own Christmas gifts for grandparents this year, we love this recipe for White Chocolate Unicorn bark, certain to bring a smile to faces!

2. Food prep. Kids will love to feel like they are being helpful, especially at stressful meal-times like Christmas, so get them helping to peel the vegetables this year. This apricot and hazelnut stuffing recipe is delicious, and easy for kids to make and roll into balls!

3. Planning. Hand over the control to the kids, why not get them deciding on dinner one night a week, they might put a new slant on meal-times! Get the kids scrolling through ideas like these to choose something new.

4. Cooking somewhere new. This can make cooking exciting, and also offer the opportunity to make new friends. Our cookery classes start from £18, and are available for children from 6 years, everything is included, so you can just drop them off and leave them to enjoy themselves! The classes also make great Christmas gifts for nieces, nephews and grandchildren!

5. Cooking with Friends. If you can deal with the potential mess created, this is a lovely way for kids to have fun when friends come round, try mini quiches, this recipe is great and easy to follow. Alternatively send them in to Little Kitchen for their Birthday in 2018, we can cater for up to 14 children* who can have fun together while cake decorating or pizza making! 

Marbled Chocolate Brownies – a delicious gift to give this Christmas!

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